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Five Tips For Running a Successful Creative Studio

NMCO would like to begin with an interview with founders, Lucky Gonzalez and Christina Ballew. Discover the challenges NMCO faced, the lessons we learned, and get a glimpse for how we plan to tackle the future in our 5 Year Anniversary Founder Video and our tips below.

As a budding creative studio, NMCO is celebrating its 5-year merger-versary and through our success (and many challenges and failures) we wanted to share 5 tips for running a successful creative studio and video production company in New Mexico.

1. Nurturing Community

NMCO didn’t come this far without our partners. Our community has been incredibly supportive and NMCO values those partnerships. NMCO collaborates with public art, ecologically and socially conscious entities that promote evolving our region with a positive influence. While we are working with national clients and always looking to expand, we will always know we couldn’t reach this success without mindfully building valuable relationships.

2. Inspiring Personal and Professional Growth

We are known for our professionalism, but behind the scenes, we are more than that.  We know that our team is our most valuable asset, we know that before we are creatives, we are human. We encourage mindful and healthy lifestyles for optimal creativity and balance. Priority for a business to succeed is to take care of your team.  We strive for excellence with team creative encouragement inside and outside the studio.

3. Getting Uncomfortable

NMCO has faced some challenges and unexpected roadblocks. We often find ourselves trying things for the first time and exploring the creative uncharted. It’s all part of breaking boundaries, pushing imagination, communicating an organization’s story or mission, and creating what it takes to accomplish outcomes. Dollars dropped in oil, we’re up for it. Poetry, quirky scripting, talking vegetables, edgy design, handling sensitive topics, we explore true potential and try to expand beyond the box. Pushing through discomfort and experimentation broadens your industry skills, makes you stronger and more adaptable, both for creativity and business.

4. Hustle

Success doesn’t come without dedication. We don’t expect it to rain from the sky, NMCO promotes, NMCO works, we showcase our talents to the full extent. We want our connections to feel familiar with new collaborations. NMCO has created pro bono work to get seen. NMCO attended networking events, and as our studio grew, we curated internal passion projects for setting standards we strive for. We regularly exercise our creativity and expand our knowledge for new technology, trends and methods.

5. Adapting to Solutions

NMCO is always leading, we don’t fall to old traditions. We are a human-based studio with immense flexibility for strategic answers. We aren’t just creating content, we are finding ways to improve and optimize based on changes in the industry. We collaborated through remote work in pandemic circumstances, refined all our communications processes and expanded our talent and team. We are embracing our clients managing their internal content, while adapting collaborations to stay busy. We’re planning for a bigger studio, bigger packages and new ways to extend our creative reach.

There are five tips for improving business and expansion for a creative at any level. NMCO is still reaching distant corners of creative, stay tuned for more content and insight. We’d like to thank everyone who’s shared the journey with us so far, we’re looking forward to continuing growth and the future. For NMCO news, events and updates be sure to follow us on our social media pages.

NMCO Studio member, Kahlo


Door Greeter & Cookie Eater

Kahlo is our gentle, friendly, office pup! He loves his belly rubbed, sniffing absolutely everything, and hasn’t found a treat he wouldn’t eat! Be sure to say hi, he loves the attention!

NMCO Studio member, Kelsey

Kelsey Gentile

Web Specialist

Once those websites are complete, Kelsey is our web maintenance manager. From regular updates, security checks, and content updates, Kelsey keeps our websites running smoothly, secure, and in tip-top shape.

NMCO Studio member, Annakat

Anna Kat Hollis

Lead Web Developer & Designer

We really like people named, “Anna”, especially named Anna Kat! Anna Kat is NMCO’s talented web developer and designer. She is smart, efficient, and crazy good at her craft! She has a background in design and focuses on functionality and UI/UX. You’re gonna love working with her!

Zac Wittstruck


If you’re needing quality animation, Zac is your guy! Motion graphics, custom character rigging, and 2D animation are some of Zac’s specialties. Zac always wears a smile and is truly one of the nicest people you’ll meet. When Zac isn’t whipping out great animations, he plays bass guitar for a local jazz band! What a cool cat!

NMCO Studio member, Arron

Aaron Walterscheid

Video Specialist & Cinematographer

Aaron is NMCO’s “Silent Assassin”. While not the most outgoing of our talented crew, Aaron KILLS at videography, editing, color grading, drone operation, lighting, and doing what it takes to get the job done. His experience and skills speak loudly for themselves.

NMCO Studio member, Sam

Sam Palm

Video Specialist & Photographer

With an eye for great picture-perfect moments, Sam is one of NMCO’s extremely talented video specialists! Sam is our main photographer, but also is a Director of Photography, editor, color specialist, and overall Jack-of-all-trades. When he’s not behind the camera, find Sam cruisin’ the Southwest on his Harley and living life to the fullest! Did we mention he has great hair?

NMCO Studio member, Ralph

Ralph Diaz

Senior Video Specialist

Don’t confuse Ralph with Academy Award-winning actor Johnny Depp. Although there’s a close resemblance, Ralph is much more talented behind the camera. He’s done it all from VFX to animation, to producing, directing, and editing some of our most memorable productions. It also should come as no surprise that he’s mastered the technical and practical aspects of videography, giving him the nickname, “The Doctor.”

NMCO Studio member, Dana

Dana Apodaca

Senior Graphic Designer & Art Director

Dana is up to date on all expert software and can design circles around most designers. With creative solutions, a sensibility to trends, and the best artistic output, Dana can do it all from identity systems to layouts, to even giving art direction in our video productions.

NMCO Studio member

Dawn Franco

Studio Manager

With a background in journalism, file archival and organization, Dawn is our client onboarding extraordinaire. From contract preparation, to project management, account direction, and reporting, Dawn stirs the pot for most productions, making sure it’s served hot and on time.

NMCO Studio Co founder, Lucky

Lucky Gonzalez

Co-Founder & Media Buyer

With all of that creative, where are you going to put it?! Lucky has 18 years in business with the expertise and know-how, so he is naturally our go-to for media placement. From digital banner ads to broadcast TV, Lucky can take any budget and translate it to impressions and conversions. He prides himself on coming up with solutions for your problems.

NMCO Studio member, Tina

Christina Ballew

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

When Tina co-founded NMCO she strived to push boundaries in creative services in the southwest. Building a creative studio from scratch was no easy feat but NMCO is now known for its professionalism and people-based, outside of the box ideas.   As Tina likes to say, she has done almost every job except for video editing itself. Her next goal is to take on the world.